Home Connect Newsletter!

Burkburnett Middle School is now using the web-based Accelerated Reading program called Renaissance Place to practice reading at school.  This program has a special feature called Home Connect that lets your child practice these skills at home, and you can see how he/she is doing.  Click here for more information.






We are in full swing with our second semester. Activities, like the weather, are heating up!! There are always many events in the Spring semester. Tennis, track, band, UIL, Theatre Arts, choir, awards assemblies, and dances; seems like something every night. With all that is going on I ask that you help us keep our students focused on the most important part of school, academics. We have many TAKS test days coming up and we want to make sure all of our students are here on those days and prepared to do their best. If you have any appointments to schedule, please be aware of the following TAKS dates:

TAKS dates:

6th grade - April 26th, 27th

7th grade - April 26th, 27th

8th grade - April 4th, 5th, 6th, 28th, 29th

We are all partners in the education of our students. Together, we will prepare them for many successes. 

Hope you have a great spring and Easter!!!!

Thank you,

Brad Owen

BMS Principal



Middle School Highlights (grades 6 - 8)

  • Texas Recognized Campus
  • Outstanding Faculty
  • Award winning Student Council
  • PALS class - 8th grade
  • RTI/Intervention time built in daily
  • Professional Learning Teams built into school day
  • Language Offerings: Spanish I (8th grade only)
  • Honors Programs: Algebra I, Spanish I (8th grade only) - offering for High School credit
  • ALP's - Advanced Learner Program (6th - 8th)
  • Pre-Advanced Placement Program (6th - 8th) - classes offered in English, Math, and Science
  • TAKS accel classes 6th - 8th

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Music Programs: Choir and Band
  • Sports Programs:
    Boys: Football, Basketball, Track and Tennis
    Girls: Volleyball, Basketball, Track and Tennis
  • Clubs: Student Council, PAL's (Peer Assistant Leadership)
  • Theatre Arts


  Links for Parents

  click on links below

View Student Information Online - VSI

View Student Information is a website that allows parents to view their child's attendance, grades, and demographic information online. VSI.Net is a secure website and requires a user ID and password to access student information. If your child is new to our district, please fill out the VSI.Net Parent Registration form and send back to your child's campus or the district administration offices.

A parent email address is required to receive a user ID and password.

The VSI.Net website is https://www.burkburnettvsi.com/